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Info - About Us

Annalou Rooms was built in 2005, are located at Loutro area, where the queen of Keros, once, used to take her baths.

Annoula, as the customers call her, always welcomes you with a smile, promising a pleasant and peaceful accommodation, at her fully furnished and spacious rooms.

The magnificent view from the balcony creates a seduction of senses, begining with pink, red and green colours of the splendid garden, and continues with the deep blue of the sea and the cerulean of the sky. Later, the scene changes with the colours of the sunset.

Only 50 meters separate us from the village centre, a pleasant path through the traditional narrow alleys. Although the distances in small Koufonissi are short and you do not need vehicle, a parking area is provided. The transfer to and from the is held by the hostess.